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        DMC Size 80
        Fiore Size 20
        Flora Sizes 10 and 20
        Majestic Size 80
        Omega Size 30
        Opera Size 10
        Venus Size 70

   Thread Comparison
   Coronation Cord
        Size 3
        Sizes 10, 20, 40, 80
        Large Cones
        Cebelia, Sz 10, 20, 30
        Cordonnet, Sz 20-100
   Olympus Size 40
   Majestic Size 80
   Oliver Twists
        50 wt Sets
        16/2 wt Over the Top
   Sulky Threads
        12 wt Blendables
        12 wt Solids
   Superior Threads
        King Tut 40wt
        Perfect Quilter 17wt
        3-Strand Floss
        6-Strand Floss
        PC12 Variegated
        PC12 Solids
        PC12 Gift Sets
        35 Wt Cotton
   Fine Lace Thread

    DMC Diamant
    Razzle Dazzle

   Valdani Silk Floss
   Valdani Pearl Silk

   Crochet Hooks

   Knitting Needles
   Needle Gauge

   GR-8 Shuttles
   Needles and
        For Sale

   Tatting Techniques
        Angel 5 Earrings
        Beaded Angels
        Beaded Dragonflies
        Beaded Ornament #2
   Tatting Bags
   Shuttle Bags
   Shuttle Pockets
   Matched Sets
   Misc. Stuff

     Pewter Charms/Beads
     Miyuki Delicas
     Miyuki 11 Seed Beads
     Miyuki 15 Seed Beads
     Angel Wings
     Fairy Wings
     Daggers, 5x16mm
     Daggers, 3x11mm
     Hearts, 6mm
     Scallops, 14mm
     Shells, 9mm
     Teardrops, 6x13mm
     Teardrops, 5x7mm
     Rounds, 6mm
     Rounds, Facetted, 4mm

     Bead Supplies--Mats,
        Spinners and Needles
     Best Press "Starch"
     Crochet, Cro-Tat Hooks
     Filament Loops
     Frixion Highlighters
        and Gel Pens
     Filament Loops
     Hackle Pliers
     Needle Safes
     Netting Needles
     Stitcher's Lotion
     Tri-fold Window Cards

DS9Designs--Tatting and Beads

Colorado Springs, Colorado
An Internet-Only Business Serving the Needlework Community Since 2002.

Welcome to DS9Designs!

We are Debbie Arnold (the D of DS9Designs) and Sheryl Williams-Gelatt (the S), two sisters who have partnered up to create tatting patterns, kits, bags and other tatting accessories. We are expanding to carry knitting and crochet supplies since the Lizbeth and Valdani threads are also great for knitting and crocheting.

Gift Certificates

We now have gift certificates that can be redeemed online. There are some good things and bad things about these gift certificates.

The Good: you can now give a gift certificate to a friend or suggest to a friend that you would like a gift certificate. There are no fees and they don't expire.

The Bad: the gift certificates can ONLY be redeemed online and the person receiving the gift certificate MUST have a PayPal account or create an account to use the gift certificate.

How gift certificates work behind the scenes:

You buy a gift certificate for a friend. The money you paid for the gift certificate is placed on hold in DS9Designs' paypal account. When your friend shops on the website and goes to check out using their paypal account, they redeem the gift certificate and submit the order. The money in DS9Designs' paypal account is released from being held (i.e. DS9Designs finally gets paid) and DS9Designs ships the order to your friend.

The Ugly: If your friend shows up at a workshop DS9Designs is vending at, they will be unable to use the gift certificate since transactions at workshops are by cash, check and sometimes credit card, not by PayPal.

Gift Certificates are available HERE

2014 Shipping Rates

Rates Within USA
Product Total Shipping Rate
$ 0.01 - $35.00 $6.25
$ 35.01 - $70.00 $7.25
$ 70.01 - $100.00 $8.25
$ 100.01 and up FREE
Estimated * International Rates
Product Total To Canada and Mexico To All Other Countries
$ 0.01 - $20.00 $20.00. $24.00.
$ 20.01 - $60.00 * $36.00 * $48.00
$ 70.01 and up * $48.00 * $60.00
* These rates are estimates. If your order fits in a small flat rate box or an envelope, shipping is either $20.00 or $24.00, regardless of order value. If your order cannot fit in a small flat rate box or envelope, shipping starts at $36.00 or $48.00 and increases based on weight of order. The shopping cart will charge you the estimated shipping shown above. When I get your order ready to ship, I will refund you excess shipping charges or send you a paypal request for additional shipping needed.

Here's a sampling of what's on our website:

Valdani Pearl Cotton
King Tut
Quilting Thread

Czech Glass Beads
Angel Wings, Fairy Wings, Daggers, Hearts, Teardrops, Facetted Teardrops, Scallops, Rounds and Facetted Rounds
Tatting Kits
4 designs and 6 colors of little angels
over 15 colors of little beaded dragonflies
Free Patterns
Sea horse, Deb's GR-8 butterfly, little beaded dragonfly, beaded christmas ornament, and purple and teal square doily
Patterns for Sale
Deb's daffodil, Colorado columbine, big dragonfly, pipevine swallowtail butterfly, intertwining chain doily, snail, big octopus, little octopus, scmr bookmark and scmr cross.
Tatting Bags
A drawstring bag with 8 deep pockets inside.
Over 100 bags to choose from.
Shuttle Pockets
Need a place to store that favorite shuttle?

Try a shuttle pocket!

Because we are a very small business (just the 2 of us!)
we currently only accept credit card payments through PayPal!!!

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

We also accept checks or money orders.

Web page designed by Debbie Arnold. If you have problems with this page, please contact Debbie at deb_tat@hotmail.com.

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